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To all of our valued customers:

We want you to know that we make every effort to open our car wash every day, but also want you to know that we need to make sure the conditions are safe for both washing your vehicle and the safety of you and our employees.

Unfortunately, due to the size and layout of our car wash, the winter weather conditions can have a major impact on our ability to operate safely and effectively. We know there are days that the roads are dry, itís not snowing, and maybe even the sun is peaking out and we are closed. We get just as frustrated are you. However, in addition to the temperature, we have to consider the wind chill for the overall forecast. We want you to know that we don't take these decisions lightly, especially when we know other car washes may be open. Over the years we've found that not taking into account all of these conditions can end up causing more harm than good. We continually evaluate all options to try and be open, and some days that might include the ability to only wash your vehicle to get the salt off and/or only dry the windows and/or mirrors.

Lastly, we genuinely care about our customers and appreciate your business. We can tell you nothing make us more frustrated then when we are closed and some of our "competition" is open, but we feel safety and quality are more important in the long run. Please feel free to call us 330.725.5273 or email us at or find us on FACEBOOK to ask for the status of our current operation for the day. Thanks again!

The Buckeye Super Wash Team