4 Steps For Cleaning Your Dashboard

We want to help you with a few ideas to help you clean your dashboard.

Not many of us think of  cleaning your dashboard, however having a clean dashboard is important part of car maintenance. Can you think of anything worse than sitting in a car with a dashboard that is coated with gorse sticky grime. Probably, but that is probably because we rarely think of our dashboards at all.  Not only is the dash a magnet for dust and grime, it can also be covered in germs. The dashboard is the focal point of your cars interior,and we want to help you keep it clean.

How do you get rid of the dirt and dust tucked into tiny nooks and crannies of your car dashboard?

The answer is yes and here are 4 steps to help you when cleaning your dashboard.

Clean Your Dashboard

Car Hack: If you want to leave your dash with a fresh smell, add essential oil into the water mixture. To prevent odors in  your car you can put a few coffee beans in your cup holder or in a satchel.

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