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Give the Gift of a Clean Car!

The Gift of a Clean CarEvery year there is always a push to find the perfect gift for your loved ones, your employees or your friends. Many people do not think about a car wash as a gift, but who doesn’t LOVE a clean car? Not only is maintaining your vehicle important for safety, it helps maintain the vehicle value, keeps your cloths from getting salt on them as you get in and out, and it just feels good to have a clean car.

A clean car is also a matter of safety:

Dirty windows and worn wiper blades can reduce your visibility. Keeping your windows and backup camera’s clean is as important as not driving with bald tires. If it is difficult for you to see, it makes backing up, or changing lanes more difficult, which can lead to an increase possibility of accidents.

In addition to safety, corrosive road salt can be very damaging to your vehicle. Learn more about corrosion from this article on ACCUWEATHER. The biggest threat to your vehicle from road salt is the rust and corrosion it can lead to if not washed off.  Not just on the body of your car, but to your break systems, rims, hoses, and under-body. It can be difficult to detect, but regular car washes can help to prevent the damage that winter road salt can cause to your vehicle.

In conclusion, giving the gift of a clean car is really giving a gift of safety to the people that you care about. Providing an easy way for them to help maintain their car, truck or SUV and look great doing it!  We have some great car wash gift card options HERE.

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