Monthly Unlimited Car Wash Memberships!

Why Are Monthly Unlimited Car Wash Memberships Valuable?

Like most people, you are probably very busy.  This can make maintaining your car, truck or SUV hard to keep up with.  Most people do not think about the damaging effects that salt and dirt can cause to your vehicle.  Not only can it scratch your paint, possibly leading to rust, but it can corrode your rims, and other important parts of your vehicle.  This is where a Monthly Unlimited Car Wash Membership can help you get a regular car wash into your routine.

Safety Concerns With Dirty Automobiles

A dirty vehicle can also effect visibility.  Dirty windows and backup cameras can impair your view of the road, and vehicles around you, potentially causing accidents.  More importantly an unobstructed view is the law in Ohio.  Read more about vehicle safety laws on the Ohio Laws and Rules Website HERE. For your safety and the safety of others on the road it is important to keep your lines of sight clear.  We’re not saying that you must take your vehicle in for a wash and wax every day, but keeping it clean is important for protecting the overall safety and value of your vehicle.

A Regular Car Wash Should Be Part Of Your Maintenance Routine

In fact, washing your vehicle regularly is almost as important as those routine oil changes that you prioritize.  This is why we offer Monthly Unlimited Car Wash Memberships, to make it simple for you to add car washing to your regular routine.  Once you are signed up, no need to worry about the weather again!  Wash your vehicle as often as you like- Car Washing Made Simple!  We offer individual and family car plans!

Are you interested in signing up for a Buckeye Super Wash Monthly Unlimited Car Wash Membership? Contact us today for more information.

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