The Hidden Dangers of Potholes

We all hate the dreaded pothole.

Winter driving conditions unfortunately include the dreaded pothole. Not only are potholes a road hazard, they pose a risk of real damage to your vehicle. In cities across our country vehicles just like yours are damaged from this driving nuisance.  Often when we hit a pothole we immediately cringe.  Are we doing the right things to make sure that our vehicles have not sustained damage?

  1. Tire and Wheel Damage: You hit a pothole.  How do you know how much long-term damage your vehicle sustained? It depends on the pothole’s depth and the speed of your vehicle on impact. Often, the dangerous part of tire and wheel damage is that sometimes the damage isn’t apparent at first.  A minor misalignment can wreak long term havoc on your tires.
  2.  Vehicle Misalignment: A minor misalignment or damaged steering or suspension, aren’t always as immediately clear.  Yet, these problems can have long-term, effects on your vehicle. Think premature, uneven tire wear. Pothole damage can make your tires are worn unevenly it can often lead to blow outs over time as the tread is worn unevenly.
  3. Exhaust System Damage:  We all hate the smell of vehicle exhaust.  When you hit a pothole, you can often loosen the exhaust system in your car, leaks can cause problems with passing those pesky E-Checks and can make the interior of your vehicle smell bad.  Breathing exhaust can’t be great for humans either.
  4.  Suspension Damage:  Your vehicles suspension determines the smooth ride of your car. First, you have to worry about damaging all the different parts of your suspension from a pothole. Second, you also have to worry about all the different components that are associated with your suspension system.

how deep is the potholeWhat should you do when you hit a pothole?

The worst-case scenario happened, and you hit a dreaded pothole.  The first call should be to your trusted repair shop to make an appointment to get your car inspected.

What do do if you see a pothole?

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