Tips To Remove Bugs From Your Windshield Without Harsh Chemicals

It is always the same battle when it comes to bugs and your windshield.

The hotter it gets, the longer they adhere, the harder those pesky bug splatters can be to remove them from your windshield.  So we searched the internet to find effective ways to remove them that are safe for your paint, and still great at getting them off your glass.  There are chemicals you can buy at any local store to help you remove them, but buyer beware, some of them are terrible for your car’s finish.

We always recommend regular car washes to help protect your car’s finish, and removing the bug splatters regularly is easier than letting them cake on like an egg on the surface of your car.  If you can’t make it in to see us and you have a MAJOR issue with bugs on your windshield, we hope you try a few of these options and let us know which one worked best for you.

Home Remedies to Get Bugs Off Your Windshield:

BUGS VS Your Windshield

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